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Knowing how to better serve our community is one of the Osio Theater's main priorities.
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If you are hearing-impaired:

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What educational programs would you be likely to attend:

If you have a locally enrolled student (K-12):

The Osio provides alcoholic beverages to be consumed in the theaters:

The Osio partners with Café Lumiere to provide full meals to be consumed in the theaters:

I typically attend movies:

If you purchase concessions:

The Osio plans to expand current concession offerings:

I find movie showtimes using:

I watch movies in theaters

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I would be interested in renting a theater at the Osio for:

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Of the following events, which interests you:

What keeps you engaged and coming back to the Osio Theater?

Any additional comments (things you would like us to know, movies you would like to see, events you are interested in, concessions you would like to have)

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